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  • ADD: NO.77 HeShun Road, SIP
  • Tel: 0512-67067502
  • Cell phone: +86 136 1621 3798
  • Email: Davidwu@ledocnc.com
  • Fax: 0512-67067187

Ledo is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, mainly engaged in manufacturing smart hardware, decorating parts and precision machinery parts. Total employee is around 70 people and skilled engineer (technical and quality ) is around 18.
Factory occupies around 2500 Sqm, providing precise machining service as well as small (less than 4m long/high) metal assembly for those assemblies requiring clean & separate greenland.
Based on 5S and Continuous Improvement principle, Ledo implement lean-manufacturing. Ledo also is ISO9001:2015 certified company.
Ledo has a professional engineering team and provides design collaboration.

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